Our Ride Park caters for every rider and all skill levels, on the property there are 6 tracks ranging from pro to beginner.  Tracks get watered and groomed regularly to make it the best for all you riders.


Pro Track

Length of 1.7kms with a deep sandy surface the pro track is at a national motocross standard an is a challenge for the best of riders

Clay Track

Length of 1.2kms  with a clay hard packed surface the clay track is a favourite for all level of riders, safe jumps into nice banked turns it makes for a fun ride

Veteran Track

Length of  1.5kms  with a loamy surface the veteran track is designed for a fun casual ride, majority flat with 2 safe tabletops this is a great track for all riders

Thumpercross Track               

Length of a massive  2.7kms with a loamy sand surface the thumpercross track would be our most used track at the park. Even though its a flat track with no jumps, it wives up an down a hill to make an exciting lap

Mini Track

Basically a down scale of the clay track with a super cross track lay with small rolled jumps and nice banked turns the mini track is a bundle of fun for all young kids.

Beginners Area

The beginers area is a safe enclosed area with a circular track for first time riders to hone in there skills before taking it to the bigger tracks